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Contractor Company Compliance

Contractors working for Downer must first be registered in the Downer Contractor Management System.

The portal underscores the Downer commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone working for us. It allows contracting companies to upload their company details and required documents (including insurances and licences) to prove their compliance to Downer requirements.

Contractors will also register their employees and choose their roles (civil and/or rail), and book their inductions for access to Downer project sites.

  • Register business
  • Register employees and book training (rail and/or civil)

The system is managed on behalf of Downer by Pegasus, who specialise in contractor engagement and workforce management systems and solutions.

Let’s get started!

The first step to register in the Downer Contractor System is to register your business. That process is outlined below. After your business is registered, you will follow the process to register your rail and civil workers. The links to those processes can be found at the end of this page.

Step 1 > Register your business name and get login details

  • The Downer Contractor System can be found by selecting the Register/Login button at the top of the screen >>
  • Click register, add your company and look up your ABN to find and select your business.
  • Enter your company details, including name, country, ABN, and contact details.

You’ll be sent an email with your new login details when your company has been approved to register. Follow the link you’re sent to apply and register.

Step 2 > Register your business details

Follow the process to register by answering questions about your company and the work you do for Downer. Your responses in this section will prompt the documents you need to upload in Step 4.

Step 3 > Review your registration

Review the registration cost ($100 + GST annually for the verification and management of your company registration) and add to cart before selecting proceed to checkout to pay for your subscription via credit card.

Step 4 > Upload your company documents

The system will next guide you to upload electronic copies of licences to support your registration.

Documents may include:

  • Electrical Contractors Licence
  • Building Contractors Licence
  • Plumbing Contractors Licence
  • Air Conditioning Contractors Licence

Once you upload your documents and submit your registration, it will be verified by Pegasus.

The next step is to register your employees and purchase their access cards.

Click to find the process for rail workers >>

Click to find the process for civil workers >>